The above is an attention-getting yoga pose.


Thanks for looking. Now, check this out: fancy yoga poses are fun and all, but that's not why I practice.

I practice to get familiar with discomfort.

I practice to celebrate my strength.

I practice to discover my edges, physical and otherwise.

I practice to love myself more fully, wobbly bits and faceplants and all.

And if sometimes those things end up picturesque, that's great, but that's not why I'm here.

I'm here to make sure we have a place to keep it real about yoga. I wade through the glossy media, the heavy textbooks, the voices of students all over the world, to create content and gather resources that speak to our unglamorous sides, the parts that might not get the most followers on Instagram.

I think the parts we don't showcase on social media are actually most precious – our imperfections, our rough days, every flail that helps us to flow and someday fly. As you're reading this, I know that's true for you, too.

Welcome to skkYOGA. Let's practice together.