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Mantra for the Modern-Day Yogī

If you can change your thoughts, you can change the world. Your thoughts are literally creating the script for your life. Would you change them — from core assumptions to stubborn habits — if you could? Learn the "how to" of mantra meditation, especially for profound life transformation. Discover how mantra can address every subtle nuance of the human condition like a homeopathic remedy, harmonizing you with your full potential. All aspects of engaging a personal mantra practice will be addressed in this standalone workshop, including specific mantras for common concerns and other aspects of personal mastery according to the group's requests.

  • Learn mantras for common concerns, such as abundance, relationships, health, transforming behaviors or traits, etc.
  • Gain insight into mantra practice, including both esoteric meaning and practical usage
  • Create your own shift from reactive mode to boundlessly creative self-fulfillment

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