Yoga Classes

Mantra Flow

Find the healing power of your truest, strongest voice. This class combines flowing yoga poses, Sanskrit mantra and practical philosophy for mindful living. Appropriate (and magical) for all levels, all bodies, all voices.

Note to the nervous: Your voice is beautiful and essential to the music of this planet. Please use it, strengthen it, celebrate it.

  • Friday 10:45 AM — Open Space Yoga, Diamond Head location

All Levels Yoga

Pick your own pace in this class designed specifically so that you, your bestie and your mom can all have a great time. Whether you’re looking for a softly thoughtful flow, a sweaty physical challenge or anything in between, you’ll find an option that fits just right.

Note to the experienced yogī: Yes, I can help you with that new arm balance.

Note to the total newbie: No, I won’t force you to do an arm balance. (But I will invite you to try new things.)

  • Saturday 9:00 AM — Open Space Yoga, Diamond Head location

Vinyasa Flow

The word vinyasa means “in a special way,” and this class is just that — flowing movements, intelligently sequenced and synchronized with breath. Expect a progression of physical effort throughout the class, with a seated warm-up, sun salutations, a few challenging “peak poses” and several long, satisfying cool-down stretches at the end.

Note to the “beginners”: We never stop being beginners, all of us. Come to class anyway.

  • Sunday 5:15 PM — Open Space Yoga, Diamond Head location

Yoga for the CrossFit Athlete

I love yoga and I love CrossFit. If you’re doing CrossFit and you’re not doing some kind of integrative movement practice, you’re missing out on a whole world of PR potential, and it’s not just Fran time or max clean and jerk. I’m talking your breath, your focus, your ability to de-stress and repair yourself. That's a whole ‘nother level.

Note to the “I’m too inflexible to do yoga” people: That’s like saying you’re too weak to do CrossFit. Everyone starts at their own personal beginning. Pick another excuse.

  • private groups, email for details (